Curing Your 'Money Madness' Workshop

October 23, 2009

How can we thrive in stressful economic times? Identify your "Money Monster!"

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church is sponsoring a one-day workshop with Spencer Sherman, named one of the top wealth advisors in the United States and author of The Cure for Money Madness: Finding Financial Freedom, on Sunday, November 15, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. 
Attendees will have the opportunity to examine their personal money madness - the dysfunctional, unproductive behavior people experience in all areas of their finances - overspending, lying to spouses, or undercharging for services. 
They will also probe the roots of money madness and explore new possibilities for living money madness-free as well as learn ways to identify, understand and heal their emotions about and around money in order to experience true financial ease, joy and prosperity, regardless of the economic climate.
Participants will leave the workshop with:
  • A clear understanding of the powerful forces that shape one's financial life. 
  • A real sense of security and confidence about the future and their ability to reach their most important financial goals.
  • Improved financial relationships with life partners, parents, children, and colleagues.
  • Tools and strategies to transform their spending, saving, investing, giving, and earning habits.
Pre-registration required! Register by November 8 by contacting Rosalind at Glide Memorial UMC at or (415) 674-6090.
Glide Memorial UMC is located at 330 Ellis (at Taylor), San Francisco, California, 94102 and is accessible via public transportation.

For more information, visit