Trick or Treat Resources

October 09, 2009

There are "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF" boxes available at the United Methodist Center in West Sacramento. If someone from your church will be at the center for a meeting or some other reason this month, have them ask for a supply to take back with them.

The "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF" campaign provides orange donation boxes for children to take trick-or-treating. All the money collected will go to the United Nations Children's Fund.                               
The United Methodist General Board of Church and Society invites you to participate in the third annual "Reverse Trick-or-Treating" event. All this year's free kits already have been distributed, but you still may participate by ordering resources from the Global Exchange.
·         Download and copy a flyer or card to hand out (Spanish language versions available, too)
·         Purchase Fair Trade chocolate to hand out, at the Fair Trade Exchange online store.
"Reverse Trick-or-Treating" is an event in which schoolchildren, high school and college students, and even adults go Trick-or-Treating door-to-door in their communities on Halloween night, and give Fair Trade chocolate back to the people who answer the door at their homes. The chocolate is attached to a card with information about social and environmental justice issues in the cocoa industry and how buying Fair Trade certified chocolate provides a solution.
The initiative was launched by the human rights organization Global Exchange, in cooperation with the Fair Trade company Equal Exchange. It is a collaborative effort of individuals and institutions - including nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations such as GBCS, Fair Trade companies, and schools.
Visit for more information - and if you're looking for Fair Trade Halloween candy to distribute to trick-or-treaters, click on the box on the right side of that page (showing a woman biting into a chocolate bar) to go to the Fair Trade online store.