New STEWARDSHIP & GENEROSITY Webpage Offers More Resources

October 07, 2009

A "new and improved" STEWARDSHIP & GENEROSITY webpage is now up on the Conference website, just in time to meet your local church needs! Whether you're in the midst of your annual funding campaign, wanting plans for your 2010 Stewardship Team, or searching for something inspiring to recruit new leadership, there are plenty of resources.

You'll find a whole cluster of materials specifically for the Local Church Stewardship and/or Finance Committee. For example, "Elements and Practices for Congregational Stewardship" can give your committee all it needs to start the new year on a solid foundation. The Center Letter called "Faith, Money and Spirituality" makes some real-life connections for the congregation. Reno First UMC offers a helpful description for the Stewardship chair, Herb Mather clarifies why financial checks and balances and transparent communications are such urgent issues, and Terry Johnson recommends a 13th month to give your budget a boost.
And that's just one of the resource sections. Other areas include Stewardship Funding Campaign Programs, Creating a Climate for Generous Giving, Narrative Budgets, more articles in Stewardship as a Way of Living, and lots of great links.
And pastors and worship designers will love this: Thanks to the contributions of many churches and individuals in our Conference (and some beyond it), we've added a separate section of Sermon Excerpts, and expanded the Stewardship In Worship section to include prayers, poems, and more from Cathy Warner, Tom Brackney, our Bishop, and others.
And as they say in the commercials - "But that's not all!" If you're looking for all those articles written by Betsy Schwarzentraub which were once on this webpage, they're still available to you on Rev. Schwarzentraub's new consulting website, You'll find more resource articles there, as well. Between our Conference webpage and this one, you'll have a whole treasure house of resources for your church leaders.
Don't forget how to navigate to the STEWARDSHIP & GENEROSITY webpage: Go to, click on "Ministries" on the green navigation bar near the top of the Home Page, then click on "Stewardship & Generosity" - and you're there!