Can You Give One Percent to Close the Gap?

September 18, 2009

Forty-seven others say, "Yes, I can!"

Forty-seven pastors from the California-Nevada Annual Conference have committed themselves to giving 1% of their salaries to support the salaries of pastors serving in the West Angola Annual Conference - and they hope you will join them.
Many West Angola clergy do not receive their full salaries because of the impoverished situation of many of the congregations there. Through the Conference's West Angola Partnership, Cal-Nevada's pledging pastors intend to cover the gap between what has been paid and what should have been paid to the West Angolan pastors.
At Annual Conference Session in June, the Rev. Rob Jennings-Teats made an impassioned plea that now is the time for Cal-Nev pastors to step forward and undergird the needed salaries for Angolan pastors. The West Angolan Church is in a very positive position to make a huge impact in the overall development of Angola, and its pastors play a crucial role in their communities, he said.
The Rev. Odette Lockwood-Stewart suggested that pastors sign up if they were interested in giving a portion of their salaries to support the West Angolan pastors' salaries and pensions, and 47 have done so to date. Jennings-Teats hopes that at least 53 others will join them - to bring to 100 the number of pastors from the California-Nevada Annual Conference who covenant to give 1% of their salaries to help support their brethren in West Angola.
A 1% Fund has been established through the Partnership, to enable pastors here to give from their salaries to support pastors there. Conference Treasurer Diane Knudsen has established a special fund called "West Angola Pastors' Salaries."
The code for making deposits is WAPS. Checks should be written to the Cal-Nev Conference.