Cabinet Recommends No Cost of Living Increases for 2010

September 16, 2009

After considering current cost of living figures for our area, the Cabinet of the California-Nevada Annual Conference is recommending no cost of living increases for pastors for the year 2010. The Consumer Price Index, reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, actually has gone down 2 percent since this time last year. For the greater Bay Area of Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose, the consumer price index is flat. The Cabinet made its recommendation after discussion with Conference Treasurer Diane Knudsen.

However, churches still must meet the Conference Minimum Salary requirements for 2010, as reported on the Minimum Salary Schedule. Minimum salaries for pastors of all levels of experience will actually go up in 2010, because these figures are based on salaries paid in previous years. However, the increases are separate from any cost of living adjustment. The minimum salary is our effort to provide fair and sustainable support for those clergy who serve in appointments. 

Church leaders are encouraged to consult with their district superintendent, or to contact Diane Knudsen directly, for more information or help in interpreting this information.