Items of Legislation Acted on at Annual Conference Session

September 02, 2009

Did you lose sight of what happened with a piece of legislation considered by Annual Conference Session in June? You can track it using the information below.

Download Pre-Conference Items of Legislation and Replacement Item 11 for text of Items 1-30. See Friday Daily Summary and Saturday Daily Summary for action taken. List of Items amended follows.
1. 2009 Past Service Funding Plan (Pension)
2. 2010 Past Service Pension Rate (Pension)
3. 2010 Retired Clergy Rental/Housing Exclusion (Pension)
4. 2010 Minimum Premium for Retiree Health Care (Pension)
5. Location of the Annual Conference Session
6. Conference and District Advance Specials
7. Discernment and Action for Filipino Empowerment
8. Hospitality for Muslims During Ramadan
9. Differently-Abled Awareness Sunday
10. Committee on Native American Ministry
11. Hispanic Ministries Funding
12. Covenant Partnership with West Angola
13. Methodist Mission in Cambodia
14. World Council of Churches Amman Call
15. Violence in Central Africa
16. Leveraging UM Investment to Affect Change in OPT
17. Boycott of Hotels in San Francisco
18. Witness to Conscience
19. The United States and War
20. Call to Compassion and Caring for Darfur
21. Standing Rule: Conference Agencies Travel Expense
22. Standing Rule: Regarding Commission on Archives and History
23. Standing Rule: Establishing Comite de Ministerios Hispanos-Latinos
24. Standing Rule: Miscellaneous and Reserve Fund Minimum
25. Standing Rule: Language regarding Apportionments
26. Standing Rule: Establishing Conference Council on Ministries
27. Standing Rule: Standing Committees of Board of Missions
28. Standing Rule: Updated Rules regarding Committee on Nominations
29. Standing Rule: California Nevada UM Foundation
30. Standing Rule: Conference Personnel Working Group
31. September – National Recovery Month
32. Resolution for Marriage Equality
33. Concern and Support for the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma
Amendments (includes all amended Items):
Item 7
Section B, paragraph a., after words “Filipino American Ministry Caucus, insert words, “one youth or young adults under age 35;”
Item 9
At the end of the resolution, after the word “churches,” add “whether visible or not.” 
Item 13
Add to last paragraph after “Conference,” “through its Board of Missions…”
Item 14
Reverse the numbering of the two paragraphs (#1 becomes #2 and vice versa)
Item 17
Add #5: Additionally, the California-Nevada Annual Conference calls on Hyatt Santa Clara to respect the workers’ demand for card check neutrality.
Item 18
Witness to Conscience
Be it resolved that the California-Nevada Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church finds the following statement on human sexuality adopted by the Church & Society II Legislative Committee at General Conference, April 27, 2008, and also adopted by our Western Jurisdiction in July 2008 to be faithful, persuasive and prophetic:
“We recognize that sexuality is God’s good gift to all persons… (continuing language as in original Item 18). Let us seek to welcome, know, forgive and love one another as Christ has accepted us, that God may be glorified through everything in our lives.”
Be it further resolved that the California-Nevada Annual Conference Board of Church and Society draft an alternate Paragraph 161F to be presented to the Annual Conference in 2010 in anticipation of the 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church.
Be it further resolved that the California-Nevada Annual Conference invite other Annual Conferences and United Methodists to join with us in support of the above “Statement on Human Sexuality.”
Item 19
Delete Item2, iii, (page 2). Last paragraph should read “send copies of this resolution to President…” (add the word “to.”)
Item 23
Under b. Membership, 5., add to beginning, “The conference treasurer and”
Item 25
Add VI.D.4: At the end of the fiscal year, any cash surplus in excess of standing rule reserve requirements in the miscellaneous fund shall be remitted to the General Conference apportionment for World Service up to an amount that would pay this apportionment obligation in full.
Item 27
In paragraph 10. a., strike “of the National Division of,” and in paragraph 10.b., strike “are members of the National Division of the United Methodist Development Fund and.”
Item 31
In second paragraph, add after “that,” “a lay member of Annual Conference from…” In the third paragraph, after “to develop,” add “and support recovery ministries. For…”
Item 32
Add number 6, “Celebrate the state of Nevada’s recent move to legally recognize same-sex couples.”
Clerical corrections as follows:
Item 26
Number 2. Membership a., line 4, should read “Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry.” Delete header “Nominations” to be in conformity with the other strikeouts.