College Union Calls for 40 Days of Prayer for Campus Ministries

August 21, 2009

College Union is calling The United Methodist Church to 40 days of prayer for campus ministries and has compiled a prayer guide that can be downloaded and shared with a church, Sunday school class, prayer group, small group, or anyone else interested in joining this effort.


The Rev. Bridgette Young, assistant general secretary for the General Board of Higher Education's Campus Ministry Section, wrote a prayer for the guide and urges United Methodists to pray for campus ministries.


Young said she was impressed by the diversity of the writers from across the denomination.


"It reminds me that one of the foundations of our faith through which we can all connect is prayer. When I looked at the five areas for which the editors at solicited prayer - evangelism, discipleship, provision, campus ministers, and students - it was clear to me that my prayer would overlap multiple areas. For me, campus ministry is much like that. We meet students, faculty, and staff where they are and embody Jesus Christ in ways that they don't often see in the traditional church setting.


 "I'm excited about this project in the way it exhorts the entire church to focus on the ministry being done on our college and university campuses. Campus ministries and chaplaincies are an essential source of faith formation and leadership development for the young adults we want to encourage to serve the church," she said. is a Web-based journal and forum for sharing ideas, resources, and best practices about campus ministry. It is made possible by the Foundation for Evangelism, an affiliate of the General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church.


The 40 days was to begin August 15 and conclude September 25.


"As millions of students pour back onto our nation's campuses, we will pour out our hearts to God to move anew among our Wesley Foundations, United Methodist-related colleges, and local church ministries," Campus Union said in issuing the call to prayer. "More than 700 people who heard their call to ministry through a United Methodist campus ministry have joined a Facebook group to pray for our mission to this generation of college students, staff, and faculty. On behalf of the women and men who serve on our nation's campuses - I invite you to join us in praying for God to do a new thing among our campus ministries this fall," the group said on its website. A link to the Facebook group is on the site.


Writers who contributed prayers include a number of campus ministers and chaplains, as well as Dr. Lovett H. Weems, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Church Leadership at Wesley Theological Seminary; the Rev. Karen Greenwaldt, general secretary of the General Board of Discipleship; the Rev. Meg Lassiat, GBHEM's director of Student Ministries, Vocation, and Enlistment; the Rev. Creighton Alexander, co-editor of College Union and director of Campus Ministry for the Missouri Annual Conference.


The prayer guide can be downloaded at:


Developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world is one of the Four Areas of Focus for The United Methodist Church, affirmed by the 2008 General Conference.


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