Tractor, Truck Are Ready for Angola!

July 28, 2009

This year's Conference Offering was designated for purchase of agricultural equipment for West Angola. Today, "thanks to the generous donations of the people of the California-Nevada Annual Conference," reports Phil Bandy, Interim Director of Cal-Nev Volunteers in Mission, which is overseeing the project, "both the John Deere tractor (with accessories) and the 2004 Ford F250 pick-up truck have been procured and soon will be bound for the Agricultural Training Farm near Porto Quipiri, north of Luanda."


All the items presently are being stored by the dealerships in Savannah, Georgia while all the appropriate paperwork is drawn up and processed.


The administrative process of working with the equipment donated to the Angola Conference - the tax exempt status, the transfer of title and ownership, and the custody arrangements for the import/export of the items - all take time. However, "Everything is progressing well," Bandy says.


"Once all the paperwork is completed, both the tractor with accessories and the truck will be shipped directly to West Angola from Savannah," he reports, adding, "We will keep you posted as your gifts to the people of Angola continue their journey."