First UMC Palo Alto Greets New Pastors With Signed Pledge

July 16, 2009

On July 5, their first Sunday at First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto, the church's newly appointed pastors were presented with a 30 foot scroll signed by the congregation.


The scroll, titled, "Our Promise," read:


"On this first weekend of our ministry together with you, our new pastors, we renew our promise to work with you and each other to be the congregation that God intends us to be, seeking to grow in faith and learning how to be a better church in our community and around the world."


The Rev. Michael Love, senior pastor, pronounced it "a daring and faithful way" for the church to welcome its new clergy team.


In the photo above, he and the Rev. Laurie McHugh, associate pastor, are shown displaying the scroll outside the church.