Check Out the Foundation's New Planned Giving Website!

June 25, 2009

Did you know that good planning requires good information?


Find helpful estate planning information to assist you in creating the plan that is right for you, by visiting the California-Nevada United Methodist Foundation's new Planned Giving website at  


According to Susan Peters, the Foundation's Gift Planning Director, rising property values, growth of investments, and various types of life insurance, as well as changing tax laws, require planning for the future. Without a plan that is right for you, an unnecessary amount of your assets may go to state and federal governments in taxes. Your remaining assets may go to individuals other than those loved ones you prefer to benefit. The guardianship of minor children may be left for the laws of the state to determine.


The Foundation maintains up-to-date gift planning information for you and your congregations to access via the Internet, and invites you to visit its website. There you can find valuable information including:


Weekly Articles - Read weekly articles on estate planning alternatives, including wills and trusts that can work for you. Learn about the benefits of giving a gift to your local church or favorite United Methodist ministry and receiving full income tax savings from your gifts.


Savvy Senior Column - Learn the latest information you need to make savvy decisions about Medicare, prescription drugs, Social Security, and your retirement accounts. Ask the "Savvy Senior" your questions!


Gift Planning Stories - Read actual stories of donors who received tax benefits by making charitable gifts. Learn about how a gift to your local church can lead to greater income for yourself and your family, a tax deduction, and a lasting legacy to the ministry of the church.


Personal Web Presentations - View a personalized web presentation that shows the income and tax benefits of setting up a gift plan using your assets and property values. Compare the benefits of setting up a unitrust, annuity trust, gift annuity, or gift and sale.


Washington Hotline - Find out about changes in Washington that could affect your financial future. Read feature articles on the latest tax changes, ways to save tax, and major political stories.


Financial Update - Learn about the impact of the market on your finances. Get the latest news on stocks, bonds, and interest rates. View current market quotes for DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500.


For more information contact Susan Peters, CFRE, Gift Planning Director for the Foundation, at, 888.789.7374, or 530.957.8654.