Joint Youth Ministry Amazed by Mexico Experience

June 25, 2009

"Hi, Youth and families. What an incredible week," wrote Lisa Jacobs, Director of the Joint Youth Ministry, of her Youth Group's recent mission trip to Mexico.

The Joint Youth Ministry (JYM), created to provide a safe place for young people to grow in their knowledge of who they are and who God is, serves the youth of three San Jose United Methodist churches - Almaden Hills, Cambrian Park, and Willow Glen.

"We arrived back in town on Saturday night about 6 p.m.," Jacobs continued. "I can't put into words how amazing our Mexico Mission trip was. We worked harder than we ever have and built four houses in four days with our team of 60. We camped in windy and dirty conditions with no running water and porta-potties, but how we camped was much better than the conditions we saw while building homes in the community.

"The need was incredible. The teens stepped up to the challenge and played with all the kids in the area, used their Spanish with the residents, and helped lay the foundation by hand- mixing cement all day, building seven walls and two roof pieces, and bailing-wired, tar-papered and chicken-wired the walls. We tar-papered and roll-roofed the roof. We finished by stuccoing the house with two layers of stucco, installing the two windows and doors, and commissioning the new home with the Spanish Lord's Prayer.

"There are no words to describe the trip. Check out the pictures on photobucket to see what I so poorly described."

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With more than 150 active teenagers, JYM's goal is to meet the teenagers' spiritual and emotional needs by providing weekly programs and numerous trips throughout the year.

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