California-Nevada Named Pilot Conference for New Scouting Ministry Post

June 25, 2009

Nashville agency seeks adults who love scouting


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The United Methodist Office of Scouting Ministries is looking for scouting advocates to help California-Nevada churches establish and expand scouting ministry opportunities.


The National Office of Scouting Ministries has selected Cal-Nevada to be a pilot Conference to test the effectiveness of "Scouting Ministry Specialists."


Volunteer specialists will provide neighboring churches with information about the Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (PRAY), training opportunities, resources for Scout Sunday, and various awards for young people and adults.


"Churches that sponsor Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Venturing crews, 4-H, or Camp Fire groups have found these youth-serving groups to be a way to minister to their communities and frequently reach unchurched families," said Larry Coppock, national scouting director. "Fifty percent of boys in Scout troops housed in United Methodist Churches are unchurched."


Scouting Ministry Specialists will also help churches enrich their relationship with existing Scout units. "Too frequently, churches treat troops as if they are just renting space instead of being a vital part of their ministry," said Coppock. "Churches may not be aware of the United Methodist God and Country series that can be used for confirmation training, or Venturing Crews that can expand youth ministries. Scouting Ministry Specialists can help churches understand these possibilities."


The Office of Scouting Ministry is an arm of the General Commission on United Methodist Men.


For further information, contact LaNisha Sayles,, or Marc Stowe, or 866.297.4312.


If you are interested in helping churches develop scouting ministries, email your contact information (name, address, phone number, church affiliation, and email address) to LaNisha Sayles at - or mail to her at: Director of Scouting Ministries, GCUMM, P.O. Box 340006, Nashville, TN 37203-0006.