Tune in to 'REEL Witness LIVE!' to Watch ACS as It Happens!

June 13, 2009

California-Nevada Annual Conference Communications invites you to log in to the Conference website next week, to watch the 2009 Annual Conference Session unfold LIVE from the Sacramento Convention Center!


The major portions of the 161st Session of the California-Nevada Annual Conference, June 17-20, will be available via live streaming video on the REEL Witness LIVE! streaming video page. Just type www.cnumc.org/VIDEOSTREAM into your browser, or click on STREAMING VIDEO under "What's New" on the lower right side of the Home Page at cnumc.org.


Planned coverage includes:


The Bishop's State of the Conference Address

Worship services

Appointment fixing

Major presentations, including awards presentations

Sending forth of Conference Mission Teams

The Laity Address


Tune in to REEL Witness LIVE! at www.cnumc.org/VIDEOSTREAM as you are able, Wednesday-Saturday, to check on the day's activity at Annual Conference Session. Streamed events also will be recorded so that if you're unable to watch them as they're happening, you'll be able to view them later.