What's up with That Door?

June 05, 2009

By Cate Monaghan

Interim Communications Director

CA-NV Annual Conference


In late April an eight-foot-tall red door was "planted" on the front lawn of the United Methodist Center in West Sacramento. Readers of Instant Connection were quickly informed as to its purpose: to serve as a symbol of Rethink Church, the next phase of The United Methodist Church's "Open hearts. Open Minds. Open doors" welcoming campaign, which points viewers, listeners, and readers to a new website designed for "seekers," 10thousanddoors.org.


It has greeted passersby ever since (except during an unexpectedly late spring rainy period, when we thought it best to store it inside for a few days), but with no explanation given for its presence.


"What's up with that door?" my husband was asked, when he ran into a former colleague at a West Sac lunch spot, recently, and told her where I work. Turns out she works in the neighborhood and drives by the Conference Center every day, and The Door was driving her crazy with curiosity.


"I'm getting good feedback on The Door," the Bishop told me, not long afterward. Seems a buzz had been generated: always a good thing, in the communications world.


But a buzz is not sustainable indefinitely. Curiosity has to be rewarded at its peak - or interest dies completely. And unlike Lazarus, it can't be resurrected.


Timing is everything.


This week a six-foot-long white sign "sprang up" beside The Door.


"Rethink Church," it reads, "at 10thousanddoors.org."


"What's that all about?" we hope people will wonder. And then, we hope they'll point-click - and make a point of finding out.


(Watch "The Sign," a 2 min. 38 sec. video of the sign being set in place, on the Conference video page, REEL Witness. A link to REEL Witness is located under "What's New" on the Home Page of the Conference website at cnumc.org. And while you're there, spend some time and see what other videos have been uploaded, from churches around the Conference!)