Churches - Remember to Take Conference Offering!

June 05, 2009

With Annual Conference Session only two weekends away, churches are reminded of the need to take a special Conference Offering, to be donated at ACS for purchase of agricultural equipment for the West Angola United Methodist Conference.


Your donations will go directly for purchase of a JD 5425 commercial-grade tractor, disc plow, cultivator, and other equipment for the Agricultural Training Farm near Porto Quipiri, north of Luanda.


Porto Quipiri was the site of a refugee camp with a child mortality rate of 10 per day. United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) was instrumental in improving conditions at the camp, and when the refugees were allowed to return home, many decided to remain in Porto Quipiri - and constructed a building to house a United Methodist Church and school.


The equipment that your generosity will provide will be vital toward getting an agricultural training farm, to further grow the region, up and running. In an area where food prices are extremely high and 70% of citizens earn less than $1 per day, the farm will not only increase food abundance and availability, but also will provide jobs and serve as a training facility to teach improved agricultural practices to the surrounding community and beyond.


Once crop production and markets are established, food and profits from the farm will provide financial support for the missions and ministries of The United Methodist Church.


Please support California-Nevada's continued partnership with the West Angola United Methodist Conference. Take a special Conference Offering and urge your congregation to give generously.


The Communications Office has prepared a bulletin insert that churches may download and print to help communicate the need for giving to the Conference Offering.


Download Conference Offering bulletin insert here.


(The link to the bulletin insert also is on the 2009 Annual Conference Session page. Just click on "Annual Conference" on the green navigation bar near the top of the Home Page at to go directly to that page.)