Teasing: It's Not Funny, But a Hostile Message in Relationships

May 15, 2009

Watch out for teasing! It can hurt your relationship. 


If you say something insulting in a funny way, it still hurts. While all of us may laugh, it stings the recipient. 


All the sitcoms use funny putdowns, but in real life people get hurt or angry, and may retaliate. In that case the person who felt insulted makes his or her own remark a little worse than the original one, and then it all escalates. Teasing is a wolf in sheep's clothing!


Think about whether your tease is actually a disguised insult - and then think of something nice to say instead. Tell 'em how much you love 'em!


Your message for the week from Bea Strickland of Building Better Marriages, The Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment, and Abide in Love, Healthy Marriage for United Methodists.


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