Your Donations Make an Impact!

April 29, 2009

Your donation of cell phones at Annual Conference Session supports California-Nevada UMVIM teams through the Western Jurisdiction UMVIM program, providing travel expenses for part-time Jurisdictional UMVIM coordinator, Heather Wilson. Heather supports site assessments and communications with mission projects throughout the world. She is the "go-to" connection between Mission Volunteers, United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), and Mission Personnel. She supports the UMVIM offices in California-Nevada and seven other annual conferences of the Western Jurisdiction. (For a complete description of UMVIM and other mission opportunities in Western Jurisdiction, visit


The hearing aids collected will be donated to the Rotary International project, "Help the Children Hear." This project collects and refurbishes hearing aids of all kinds and then provides them to needy children in the Tucuman Province of Argentina.


Some hearing aids are refurbished and sold, and the funds raised are used to purchase new hearing aids for the smaller children in the Province.


UMVIM Director Sue King, who coordinated the effort, thanks congregations for their willingness to help those less fortunate through these donations.


"Some of our UMVIM teams have distributed eye glasses and all of them benefit indirectly from the services of the Western Jurisdiction UMVIM program. Everyone donating is a part of UMVIM ministry through these important donations, even if they don't even leave home!"


(Click here to read main story, "Donate Cell Phones, Eye Glasses, Hearing Aids in Separate Bins at ACS.")