Faith Group Urges CA UMs to Vote 'No' on Proposition 1C

April 22, 2009

The California Coalition Against Gambling Expansion - a statewide, faith-based organization "that seeks to prevent the problems caused by gambling" - has joined the California Council of Churches in opposing Proposition 1C on the May 19 ballot, which would restructure the state lottery and change its purpose. CCAGE contends that in so doing Prop 1C also would add to the state debt and would exploit the poor.


The Executive Director of CCAGE is the Rev. James Butler, a United Methodist.


CCAGE urges UMs to vote against Prop 1C, and asks clergy to lend their voices to the effort by hosting meetings on the issue, preaching on the dangers of increased gambling, and/or writing an opinion piece or letter to the editor advocating a "no" vote.


Download CCAGE "ballot edition" newsletter here.


For more information contact Jim Butler at or 916.441.1844.