Rethink Church: Why Find-A-Church is Important

April 22, 2009

The new Rethink Church campaign seeks to redefine the church experience as one that extends beyond our doors and seeks to transform the world. Through a variety of media, seekers will be exposed to the thought that there are many "doors" to enter a church life -  beyond just the sanctuary, or even the main building or church campus itself. They'll be offered opportunities to get involved all through the country and the world - but the most important opportunities to them will be the ones that are most immediately accessible: the ones in their own back yards.


The advertising campaign materials will direct seekers to a new website designed for seekers, Through this website, seekers will be able to see the many "doors" available for entry into church life - which match their own interests and preferences.


For example, maybe a contemporary worship service is more their style than something traditional. Perhaps they have children and want a church with lots of children's activities. Or suppose they really would like to get involved in some volunteer activities to help others in the community.


In order to find a church that meets their needs, the website will direct them to the Find-A-Church feature, a database of more than 35,000 United Methodist churches. Users can search the database of churches by geographic location, congregation size, language and ethnicity, programs and services, church activities and more.


That's where you come in. Your neighbors will be looking for you, but can they find you? And beyond knowing where you are, will they be able to tell what you're about and what "door" they can enter through? You can be the most welcoming church in the world, but some people may never make it to your door if they don't first get a snapshot of where they might be able to fit in.


It's easy to update your profile. Please help United Methodist Communications tell your story to your neighbors and the world.


Download instructions here.


For additional help contact UMCom at or 1.800.251.8140 (toll free).