Spanish Language Immersion Trip: It Could Be Time!

April 07, 2009

Viene a Guatemala!


It could be that a vibrant Hispanic community is growing up around your church.


It could be that you are being sent to a cross-cultural appointment.


It could be that it's just time … for you to learn Spanish!


And one of the very best ways to learn any new language is to be dropped into circumstances that require you to learn it.


That's the idea behind Language Immersion. Recognizing the growing importance of being able to speak Spanish in our churches and our communities, the California-Nevada Annual Conference is once again offering you the opportunity to learn to do just that. 


A group of 10-12 lay and clergy people from the Conference will travel to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, in July. Each student will receive several hours of instruction per day from a private tutor from Celas Maya Spanish School, and will live in the home of a Guatemalan family near the school. There also will be plenty of time to get to know the surrounding community by visiting markets, cultural events, and historic sites. 


The dates of the trip are Saturday, July 12 through Saturday, August 1. The cost for the basics of the trip (air fare, instruction, room and board) will be about $1,200 (an exact amount can't be promised at this time, due to fluctuations in air fares and the Guatemalan currency. You also will want to take extra money for entertainment, excursions, miscellanea).  


If you want to learn more about Celas Maya (and see pictures!), visit the school's website at  


If you are ready to sign up for the July Spanish Language Immersion Trip, please contact Pam Fine at 661.871.3030 or