Visiting the Vulnerable in Cambodia: A Missionary Update from Katherine Parker

March 25, 2009

Katherine Parker is a General Board of Global Missions missionary serving in Cambodia. California-Nevada is her home Conference.


Christianity only became legal again in Cambodia in 1992, but I have never really focused on persecution faced by folks that choose into this new faith. I was visiting a church this Sunday to give them encouragement and we were talking about reaching out and visiting the lowest people in their community (a difficult discussion for me, personally, to be having with folks who are very poor farmers themselves to start with). I asked if there were any AIDS patients in their village, and if people looked down on them as shameful. They said, yes, and that they had been visiting them. But then they went on to tell me that actually, some AIDS patients looked down on Christians. I was really shocked because it gave me some perspective as to the persecution that Christians here face.


You can read about this and some more of my recent encounters at (or link to it from the GBGM Advance/Missionaries page on the Conference website at


If you missed the Community Health and Agricultural Development (CHAD) program newsletter for Lent/Easter, you also may download it from the GBGM Advance/Missionaries page.


Thank you for your continued prayers and notes of encouragement. It means a lot to me and it means a lot to folks in Cambodia when I can share with them that they are not alone in these struggles. Thank you also for your continued financial contributions, even in these challenging economic times, to enable us to continue this work.