California-Nevada UMVIM Team to Assist Iowa Flood Recovery

March 17, 2009

In 2008, floodwaters damaged more than 6,000 homes and businesses in Iowa. Residents are still working to get their towns back in order.


Volunteers from First United Methodist Church in Santa Rosa, California will be joining the United Methodists in Iowa this September 13-26, to rebuild and repair damaged homes.


Perhaps your church would like to form its own team to help with Iowa flood recovery! If so, contact Carma Wiese, Flood Assistant from First United Methodist Church in Marion, Iowa, at 319.377.5344. Volunteers will pay $10 per night per person to the First United Methodist Church to cover the cost of lodging. The church will provide meals for an additional $10 per person per day. 


Carma urges potential volunteers, "Check our website,, for continual updates and [to download] the Medical and Liability Release forms. We will need everyone in the group to sign a release form before they will be able to help with recovery."


The Iowa Annual Conference has produced a compelling video about Iowa flood recovery, in two length versions: 2:45 and 8:30. To view the videos (and to access other resources and information), visit The videos are listed under "Resources" in the left center of the Home Page.