Iliff Offers Unique Way To Connect Theology To Reality

March 06, 2009

DENVER (UMNS) -As the world's economy continues its volatility, United Methodist-related Iliff School of Theology has found a unique way to connect theology to the realities most people are living in today, through the development of a Website that helps people answer some of life's most pressing questions: Question to Learn.

"Trying times often create legitimate stresses that result on relationships, finances, and our own ideals of self-sufficiency, but they also make us question," said David Trickett, president and Henry White Warren Professor of Ethics and Leadership. "Those questions are quite often focused on the big questions in life."

Iliff's new micro-site focuses on three primary questions: Can I really make a difference? Can all faiths get along? Is this all there is?

While the site does not tell a person how or what to believe about answering these questions, it directs the viewer on how he or she may go about finding individual answers to these types of questions, with the help of Iliff's faculty, through a variety of options: vcasts, podcasts, courses, or seminars.