'Follow' Us on Twitter!

March 06, 2009

California-Nevada Annual Conference Communications now is using Twitter - a free networking tool - as another way to update you on what's happening around the Conference. It's also a way that you can provide feedback to us!


Twitter is simple to use, and it's free.


Click on the Twitter icon on the left side of the Home Page at cnumc.org (found beneath the "Quick Links" section) and on the page that opens, click on "Join today!" to sign up.


(You can also get there by pasting http://twitter.com/cnumc into your web browser.)


With Twitter, you can send messages (known as "tweets") through the Internet on your computer - or from your phone as text messages (text messaging charges may be assessed by your cell phone carrier, depending on your plan, but Twitter does not charge you to send or receive "tweets"). Messages are limited to 140 characters.


"Follow" us (our user name is cnumc) by going to our profile page as described above, and clicking on "Follow." That simply means you'll receive our updates.


Once you've joined Twitter, you may use it to comment on our messages and/or send your own tweets, unrelated to ours!


We've taken some of the commonly asked questions from the Twitter Support portal (http://help.twitter.com) and created a PDF - Getting to know Twitter - which you may download here to find out more.


Give it a try! If you need us to walk you through the process, please let us know. Contact Cate Monaghan at catem@calnevumc.org, 916-374-1529 or Jane Horstman at janeh@calnevumc.org, 916-374-1518.

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