OurChurchVideos Offers Special Rate to Cal-Nev Churches

February 28, 2009

The company responsible for REEL Witness, the video page on the California-Nevada Annual Conference website, is available to create video libraries for individual churches, as well. And because of its relationship with the Conference, OurChurchVideos is offering a special rate to Cal-Nevada churches.


This option would benefit churches desiring to maintain an online library of sermon videos.


To find out more, download OurChurchVideos flyer.


REEL Witness is a tool to help tell the stories of faith, beyond the walls of our ministries. Churches, ministry groups, campus ministries, extension ministries, and United Methodists throughout the connection may upload videos for sharing and discussion without worrying about them being posted adjacent to unsuitable material - or randomly being removed, as can happen on other free sites.


All uploads will go through a conversion process for size and format, so if you don't have access to encoding software - don't worry. The process is similar to other sites and is very straightforward. (Virtually any format can be uploaded, but videos encoded in flv, QuickTime, and h.264 will display the best. If you have the ability to control parameters, 320x240 encoded at 800kbps is recommended.)


Videos do not need to be polished productions. What we want are the "home movies" that reflect what's going on at your church. It's a great place for youth-made videos, too!


We have posted easy-to-follow Instructions for Uploading Video under "Resources" on the green navigation bar near the top of the Home Page at cnumc.org.