Sex and the Church Series Provides Dialogue For Human Sexuality Discussions

February 26, 2009

WASHINGTON (UMNS) - The United Methodist Board of Church & Society will present a series of articles that address critical aspects of human sexuality.

The series, "Sex and the Church," will run in the agency's electronic newsletter, Faith in Action at beginning March 2 with "The Theology of Sexuality."

Bishop Deborah Kiesey, president of the board of directors and Jim Winkler, the social justice agency's chief executive, issued a joint statement announcing the monthly series. "We see it almost every day in the news in one way or another: HIV & AIDS; rising divorce rates brought on by marital infidelity; teen pregnancy; homosexuality and homophobia.

The topic is sexuality," they say in their statement. "It is important for us and the Church to address this issue and its impact on all of us." They said "Sex and the Church" will provide theological, educational, scientific and sociological sustenance along with specific questions for dialogue and discernment.