New EcuFilm DVD, 'Servant or Sucker,' Available

February 19, 2009

A homeless person asks you for a dollar. What do you do?


Do you give money - knowing there's a good chance it will be used on drugs or alcohol - or do you say "no," or even ignore the person as you walk by?


No one wants to be a sucker in these situations, but at the same time, Jesus' call to help the poor echoes in our hearts and minds.


A new DVD available from EcuFilm (a ministry of United Methodist Communications), Servant or Sucker? Wise and Compassionate Ways to Help the Poor, helps viewers discern appropriate, Christ-centered actions when it comes to addressing poverty on a personal or organizational level.


The DVD contains five sessions of 10-15 minutes each. It is suggested for older youth and adults. Suggested Settings: Sunday school, small groups, retreats, outreach and mission committees, evening programs, church library.


To order, visit EcuFilm on the UMCom website. Servant or Sucker? ... is DVD #6469. The cost is $39.95; includes free leader's guide.


View video clip here.