UMVIM Trip to Fiji on July Calendar

January 27, 2009

Bula! (Greetings!)


The California-Nevada Annual Conference's second United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) trip to Fiji has been scheduled for July 16-29, 2009. 


The Fiji Conference has invited the team to the village of Vatukarasa, where the volunteers will be housed in an available and vacant new hospital. Opportunities are available for: construction (tiling of floors), painting, teaching, sewing, and medical (check-up) care. Use your own unique talents to help create the team's outreach pattern!


Evening programs will provide more opportunities to meet and interact with Fijian youth and adults.


The approximate cost for participants - including airfare, local transportation, food, program incidentals, insurance, and materials fee - is $1500.


For more information visit the Cal-Nevada UMVIM Urgent Need for Volunteers page ( or contact one of the team leaders, Judy Church (209-522-2565) or Virisila Bataratu (916-256-9599).


Don't delay: plan now to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity!


Vinaka! (Thank you!)