Missionary to Japan Seeks Summer Volunteers

January 22, 2009

Dear Partners and Friends in Mission,


Greetings from Yokohama!


Do you know anyone who may be interested in being a mission volunteer in Japan this summer? One of the churches we are helping does have a daily Vacation Bible School each year, and this time it is going to be our fifth year. There were only 15 Japanese kids when we started; every year we have new kids joining who have never heard of Jesus stories and all. Last year around 50 kids (40 percent International kids, 60 percent Japanese) came, and they are looking forward to coming again this year.


Let me mention that for the past two years we have invited volunteers from the RCA (Reformed Church of America) and great numbers have responded to that call. This time around, my pastor approached me to ask whether we could recruit volunteers from the UMC and I said I would try: hence this letter.


We are limiting the number of volunteers to 10, ages 16 to 50, with or without teaching experience in DVCS, as long as they have passion for teaching the Gospel to little children, with English as the language for instruction.


Please do let us know.

The church will provide free housing, breakfast, and lunch during the week-long activity.


The dates and other information will, I hope, be sent out mid-February.


Arigatou Gozaimasu!


Blessings in Christ,

Devorah Umipig-Julian

GBGM Missionary, Japan

Tel./Fax 81(045) 663-9625