Winter Youth Chrysalis Event

January 15, 2009

The three-day Chrysalis event for youth ages 15-21 will be held February 12-15 for girls, and March 12-15 for boys, at the Modesto First United Methodist Church. Have your youth experience what this young man experienced at last summer's Boys' Flight (written in text mail shorthand):


"I'd like to talk to u about my weekend retreat that was by far one of the most spiritual adventures ive ever been on. The weekend was filled wit a lot of highlights.   ...  Besides all the food, i did a whole lot of prayin -- an i dont think ive ever done tht much in all my 16 almost 17 years of life. an i can honestly say i have never been closer to god -- it was almost unreal -- like sorta like a utopia. ... In addition to all the eating and the praying ive never been closer to a group of guys like tht in soo little time. it was male bonding at its finest moments my friends. ... it made my day an put a big smile on my face because just knowin that you guys all have busy schdules an u took alittle time out of ur day to pray for me."


Please help the special youth in your life experience this God-filled joy: complete the application found at by January 26


Additional information on Chrysalis, an Upper Room ministry, can be found at


If you have questions, please contact Debi Flory at 530-758-6716 or, or Kelly Newell, Director of Youth and Camping Ministries for the California-Nevada Annual Conference, at 916-374-1583 or