Churches for Middle East Peace Asks for Calls to Capitol

January 06, 2009

Churches for Middle East Peace, a Washington-based ecumenical organization of which The United Methodist Church's General Board of Church and Society and General Board of Global Ministries are a part, has issued an "action alert" asking that calls be made to Capitol Hill, expressing "the urgent need for a comprehensive cease-fire that will end the human suffering on both sides" in the Gaza Strip.


"It is important that your Representative and Senators hear from you now on the need for U.S. diplomatic leadership to help achieve an immediate cease-fire that ends the violence, addresses the humanitarian situation and leads to concrete steps toward a two-state peace agreement," CMEP's alert reads.


"They need to hear from American Christians that expressing sympathy for only one side of the conflict is not compassionate or smart policy. What is needed now is strong U.S. leadership that pulls Israelis and Palestinians back from the brink and puts them on to a path toward an agreement for creation of a viable Palestinian state that will enhance Israel's security," it continues.  

CMEP has sent a message to the Hill, urging Members of Congress to make statements expressing support for those U.S. policies which "protect the wellbeing of Israelis and Palestinians and safeguard U.S. national security interests."


Download "action alert" (with instructions for contacting Members of Congress) here.

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