Corrected Apportionments Bulletin Inserts Now On Line

December 15, 2008

We goofed and we apologize! In creating PDF versions of the Apportionments bulletin inserts in a new version of Adobe Acrobat, we made an error which resulted in the PDFs not displaying properly – an error that we did not recognize immediately.

Corrected PDFs are now on line. You may download them by clicking on the links below, or visit the Bulletin Inserts page by looking on the Home Page under "Resources" or "What's New."
We deeply regret causing you this inconvenience and are grateful to those who called our attention to the mistake.
You may download the corrected inserts—which explain how Apportionments money is used—by clicking on the links below.
Clergy Pension and Benefits insert
Other Clergy Support insert
Conference Program insert
Conference Office and Administration insert
General and Jurisdictional Church Mission and Support insert