New Membership Vows and Ritual Are Now Available

December 12, 2008

NASHVILLE, Tenn., December 11, 2008 (GBOD) - The new baptismal and professing membership vows of The United Methodist Church adopted by delegates to the 2008 General Conference, the denomination's top legislative body, will take effect January 1, 2009.

The new membership vows and ritual are now available on the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) worship website at:
The resource includes the following information:
·         an explanation of the changes made by the 2008 General Conference;
·         a reminder, due to changes made at the 2004 General Conference, to please discontinue use of the vows of Baptismal Covenant III; and
·         replacement texts for those portions of the Baptismal Covenant in The United Methodist Hymnal that were updated by 2008 General Conference action.
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