Submit your Interpreter subscription list by December 16

December 11, 2008

The deadline draws near for churches to assure that their new and continuing leaders receive the January-February 2009 issue of Interpreter magazine. Lists of subscribers received by Tuesday, December 16, will be virtually guaranteed to receive the January-February issue. Submit your list later, if you need to—but know that there may be a delay in starting those subscriptions.

United Methodist congregations are each entitled to receive 10 World Service Fund-paid subscriptions to Interpreter magazine (five print copies delivered to the recipients' mailbox, five delivered digitally via e-mail).
Churches may order additional subscriptions for delivery to their leaders' homes for $8 each.
If you need the list of leaders now receiving the magazine, help with online enrollment, your GCFA number or password, or any other assistance with the updating, please call Customer Service at United Methodist Communications, 888-346-3862, or email
A final note: If you submitted your Interpreter form through your district superintendent, please check to see with Customer Service at UMCOM to verify that it has been entered. There is sometimes confusion due to churches not understanding that these forms are to be submitted directly to United Methodist Communications rather than to the district office!