Share Your Videos on

December 05, 2008

Anytime something special happens at your church – concert, youth event, mission project, VBS program – chances are that someone will be on hand with a camcorder. What happens to the footage? Maybe it's played for the congregation, maybe for friends – or maybe it's never watched at all.

Beginning next week, the Conference website at will offer a place for churches to upload those videos – and the process will be as simple as uploading to YouTube or GodTube! We'll host a special page for videos, where you'll be able to:  
  • WATCH conference and church-related videos: watch what you want, when you want;
  • UPLOAD: quickly upload your church's videos in virtually any format;
  • and easily SHARE your videos with everyone: choosing public or private access
We want the churches of the California-Nevada Annual Conference to be actively engaged in sharing their stories in this way. Think of the possibilities for connection—for outreach!
Watch for complete details about this exciting opportunity: it premieres next week!