Conference News - Now Just One Mouse-Click Away!

December 05, 2008

If you're reading this on line, you're an occasional visitor, at least, to the California-Nevada Annual Conference website and probably visit the Instant Connection page from time to time to check for news updates. If you're reading this in an email, you may be accustomed to waiting until Friday to get Conference news.

How'd you like to have the news delivered to your desktop, instead?
The Instant Connection is also available as an RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") feed, which means that you can access Instant Connection any time you're on line, with just one click of the mouse. There's no need to go to the Conference website itself to be informed of Conference happenings, and you won't have to wait for your Friday email.
Signing up is simple. If you're familiar with RSS you need no instruction—just the URL: For those of you for whom the concept is new, we've prepared easy-to-follow RSS Feed Instructions (illustrated) that you'll find under "Resources" on the green navigation bar near the top of the Home Page at
And by the way, there's a California-Nevada Events feed, too, which pipes the Conference calendar directly to your desktop! Subscribe to it using this URL:, the RSS Feed Instructions will guide you through the process if you need assistance.
We encourage you to sign up—and to tell us what you think. Our hope is that these RSS feeds will help you feel RWC (really well connected) with your Conference!
Please send feedback to