'Fast For Peace'

November 21, 2008

"Fast for Peace," initiated by the City of Salinas and the Salinas Clergy Council, is now underway. 

The fast, which began on Sunday, November 16, continues through Saturday, November 22. If you want to join in, the Rev. Frank Gomez (pastor of the East Salinas Family Center and a member of Watsonville First United Methodist Church) suggests that you fast in whatever way you can – giving up one meal a day, perhaps, or one food for the week.
The purpose of the fast is to promote peace in our communities by entering into a time of prayer and reflection.
"Our prayer is that we will see how we may have contributed to violence in our own communities—perhaps through neglect," Gomez reflects.   
Member cities of the Thirteen City Gang Prevention Network are also participating in the fast as an effort to promote peace and to fight gang violence.
Commitment cards are available for use by churches and city governments.
For more information about the "Fast for Peace" effort or to get a commitment card, contact the Rev. Frank Gomez at 831-905-9871 or by email at pastorfrank77@sbcglobal.net.