2009 Primetimers Events

November 14, 2008

The General Board of Global Ministries has announced its 2009 Primetimers program, consisting of six events.

Primetimers offers adult participants, 50 years and older: intentional educational forums, cross-cultural opportunities, faith-filled reflection on the purpose of ministry, and greater exposure to the work of the UMC and the church universal, thus preparing interpreters for the mission work of the church.
Primetimers 2009 offers an opportunity to learn about and be a part of the exciting ways that United Methodists are engaged in mission across the United States and around the world. This year's program provides new opportunities in the U.S.: to examine hunger and poverty in Colorado, experience Native American histories and cultures in Oregon, or discover the wonders of creation in Alaska. There is also a new international event in Cambodia, and two events held at favorite locations from previous years, Henderson Settlement in Kentucky and UMCOR Sager Brown in Louisiana.
The six Primetimers Events for 2009 are:
"The Life and Spirit of Appalachia"                                                  
Henderson Settlement, Frakes, Kentucky
April 19-25, 2009                                                              
Event Cost: $505                                                                 
Discovering Alaska”                    
Eagle River United Methodist Camp, Auke Bay, Juneau, Alaska
August 21-29, 2009
Event Cost: $940
Denver Urban Ministries, Denver, Colorado
May 31-June 6, 2009
Event Cost: $740
UMCOR Sager-Brown, Baldwin, Louisiana
October 18-24, 2009
Event Cost: $570
Alton Collins Retreat/Wallowa Lake Camp, Portland, Oregon
July 17-24, 2009
Event Cost: $895     
Cambodia Methodist Mission, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
November 4-14, 2009
Event Cost: $1975
Event cost does not include transportation to or from an event. For more information about an individual event, click on the event title above. To view Information Packet of all the events, plus interactive registration form (packet includes poster), click here
To register for an event, please send a completed registration form and a $150 deposit to the Mission Volunteers Office, GBGM, 475 Riverside Drive, Ste. 1400, New York, NY 10115. Click here to access a registration form (interactive).
GBGM also announces that Nancy Eubanks, life-long United Methodist and former United Methodist Volunteers in Ministry (UMVIM) Coordinator for the Memphis Annual Conference, has been named Primetimers Consultant for 2009. Contact her at primetimers@gbgm-umc.org or toll free at 877-882-4724.
For more information about Primetimers, visit www.primetimers.info.