Youth and Adult Sought for WestFest 09 Planning Committee

October 15, 2008

The Western Jurisdiction Conference is looking for youth representation, along with an adult, to serve on a planning committee for WestFest ’09. 

The proposed dates for WestFest’09 are July 7-10 (Tuesday-Friday), 2009. Because the event is scheduled to be in the Rocky Mountain Conference next year, the committee is planning to meet in the Denver area over the weekend of (Friday) November 21 and (Saturday) November 22. (Stay over until Sunday to attend Worship as a group if you can.)
Each Conference is encouraged to send one adult and one youth to serve on the Planning Committee. They will serve as the WJ Team until officers are elected at WestFest. Details for the meeting are pending but will be sent soon.
Each Conference is asked to provide air fare for its participants. WJC has budgeted money for lodging and meals.
Interested? Contact California-Nevada Annual Conference Youth and Camping Director Kelly Newell at 916-374-1515 or