Top Ten Reasons to Participate in the LPLI and Vital Signs Inventory

October 10, 2008

The Council on Clergy Development is asking every pastor under appointment to a congregation in the California-Nevada Annual Conference to take the Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory (LPLI) during the month of October, as part of the council’s commitment to help pastors get the feedback they need to grow as pastoral leaders.

Pastors may go to now, provide their name and email address, and begin the inventory immediately. The Lewis Center will email materials to survey participants.
In addition, all local churches are required to complete an assessment of their vitality, as well, “no later than December 15, 2008 using the assessment tools provided in Vital Signs: A Pathway to Congregational Wholeness, by Dan R. Dick (Discipleship Resources, 2007).” This is in accordance with a vote at Annual Conference Session in June.
A serious accident involving a key team member on the Vital Signs Assessment project has delayed the launch of that online survey, but the assessment is expected to be on line before the end of this month.
Why participate in the assessments? The Rev. Don Lee, pastor of Sierra Pines UMC in Grass Valley, California has come up with the “top ten” reasons:
10. Baseline for future Annual Conference evaluation.
9. Using both instruments, we will identify our strengths and vitality and affirm ways to enhance our ministries.
8. The instruments will give our new bishop a clear picture of our Annual Conference.
7. These instruments give objective and professional evaluations that are both honest and adequate.
6. The instruments will help our district superintendents support and advocate for you and your congregations toward more enhanced ministry—to back you up.
5. The aggregate information helps the Annual Conference to plan continuing education that meets the spiritual and leadership needs of our clergy.
4. These instruments will be used to enhance, not to punish or diminish.
3. These instruments help us to shift from the blame game to strategic planning.
2. This is the start of a cutting edge ministry enhancement process.
1. These instruments will help you to know yourself better and your church to have clarity about its identity.
A page called Assessment Tools has been created on the Conference website at You’ll find it under “Quick Links” on the left side of the Home Page (and under “Resources” on the green navigation bar).
The Assessment Tools page is your source for all information related to the assessments of congregational and clergy vitality mandated by members at Annual Conference Session in June.
The Vital Signs Assessment link will be posted on the Assessment Tools page when the survey has been launched.
Also on the Assessment Tools page, the letter to churches from Blake Busick, Chair of the Committee on Congregational Revitalization, and the letter to pastors from Kathy La Point-Collup, Chair of the Council on Clergy Development.