Missionary Katherine Parker Writes From Cambodia

October 01, 2008

Missionary Katherine Parker, whose home church is Mt. Tamalpais UMC in Mill Valley, California, shares her life in Cambodia with us through fascinating blog reports that are entertaining as well as enlightening. Children will enjoy reading the entries that are letters to Vacation Church School students at Wesley UMC in Bakersfield, California, in which Katherine effectively contrasts life in Cambodia with life in the U.S., in a style that will engage the interest of the youngsters.

Katherine is currently assigned to the Community Health and Agriculture Development program with the Methodist Mission in Cambodia. You may support her ministry financially by making a secure online donation on the General Board of Global Ministries’ website. You may subscribe to Katherine’s missionary updates by visiting her blog page at http://bokashi.blogspot.com/.
The October 1 update follows:
I have been totally negligent about sending emails. Sorry! Life in Cambodia is a constant learning experience. My language is improving much slower than I would like, but step by step. My writing is good enough that I can create posters for workshops even though I can’t understand many of the words I am writing. Tomorrow will be the first day of the level 2 lessons at the University, but I also decided to repeat level 1 since I didn’t learn it 100%.
We had a wonderful Annual Meeting at the end of August. The highlight was the ordination of six elders and 12 deacons, essentially doubling the number of ordained Cambodians. A president of The World Federation of Chinese Methodist Churches (one of our mission partners here) gave a stirring speech about celebrating 40 years of autonomy with the theme, “self-proclaiming, self-governing, self-supporting.” It really gave a hopeful vision to our goal of supporting the formation of an autonomous church here in Cambodia.
I’ve posted a few more reflection on my blog at http://bokashi.blogspot.com as well as some letters that I wrote to the Vacation Church School kids at Wesley UMC in Bakersfield, CA. I keep delaying because I think I will get more pictures posted, but those are slower in going up.
Thanks for reading, your prayers and support!