Cal-Nevada Clergy May Access Online Leadership Inventory Now

September 26, 2008

Members of clergy in the California-Nevada Annual Conference now have the opportunity to take the Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory (LPLI) on line, at no cost. The Council on Clergy Development is asking every pastor under appointment to a congregation in the Conference to take the LPLI during the month of October, as part of the council’s commitment to help pastors get the feedback they need to grow as pastoral leaders.

The assessments are in conformity with a resolution passed at Annual Conference Session in June.
The Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary has designed the LPLI to assess how a pastor sees his or her strengths and weaknesses – as well as how they are seen by “observers” who are familiar with the pastor’s work. Using online questionnaires, the LPLI process integrates self-appraisal with the feedback of others.
The LPLI was formulated by compiling standards of effectiveness developed across many conferences and identifying common elements. A pilot version was field-tested in 2006-2007 with more than 500 clergy, including all the members of the Central Pennsylvania Conference. (Visit to learn more about the LPLI.)
To take the LPLI, go to and provide your name and email address. The inventory can be begun immediately. The Lewis Center will email materials to survey participants beginning October 1.
Participants will receive a personalized, confidential report that provides a snapshot of their overall effectiveness and pinpoints individual strengths and weaknesses. District Superintendents will also receive a copy of the report for each pastor in their district. The Superintendents are being trained on how to use the report as an effective tool to objectively evaluate the work of pastors in their districts (a disciplinary role given to the DS) and to help those pastors become effective Transformational Clergy Leaders.
“Every good pastor looks for ways to improve and grow in ministry. Systematically reflecting on one’s strengths and weaknesses and seeking feedback from others are important means of strengthening one’s leadership,” says Council on Clergy Development Chair, the Rev. Kathy La Point-Collup.
She says the council encourages all Cal-Nevada pastors “to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to grow in ministry.”
The Conference will receive a composite report for use in planning such things as continuing education events, and the LPLI will also provide a baseline for evaluating whether actions the Conference has taken have been valuable in helping clergy grow in their leadership ability.
In addition, this tool – along with the congregational vitality assessments – will provide Bishop Warner Brown with a snapshot of where our clergy and churches are, as he prepares to lead the Conference forward into the next quadrennium.
Contact La Point-Collup at 916-690-2321 or if you have questions.