United Methodist Board of Church & Society Announces 2009-2012 Board of Directors

September 19, 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The 63-member, 2009-2012 Board of Directors for the United Methodist General Board of Church & Society (GBCS) has been announced.

GBCS is one of four international general program boards of The United Methodist Church. GBCS has headquarters on Capitol Hill here and at the Church Center for the United Nations in New York City. The board’s primary areas of ministry are Advocacy, Education and Leadership Formation, United Nations and International Affairs, and resourcing these areas for the local churches, districts and conferences of the denomination.

The Board of Directors consists of persons elected at the five Jurisdictional Conferences in July, and others from the Central Conferences outside the United States. Other persons were added to the membership in July by a selection committee that worked to create a balance of diversity on several levels, such as age, ethnicity and gender. The selection committee met after the Jurisdictional Conferences. The selection committee included past board members and other individuals designated by the jurisdictions.

An organizational meeting for the new Board of Directors will be Thursday to Friday, Oct. 23-26. It will be at the M Street Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. The meeting is open to anyone, and online registration is available at http://www.umc-gbcs.org/BoardMeetingSignUp.

Following is the roster of the 2009-2012 GBCS Board of Directors. The roster is arranged by Bishops, Jursidiction and Central Conferences. Each person's annual conference is listed in parentheses following the name.

Bishop Robert Hoshibata (Oregon-Idaho)
Bishop Jane Middleton (Central Pennsylvania)
Bishop Deborah Kiesey (Dakotas)
Bishop Paul Leeland (Alabama-West Florida)
Bishop Jose Quipungo (East Angola)
Bishop Ann Sherer (Nebraska)

North Central Jurisdiction
The Rev. Anna Blaedel (Iowa)
Albert Bohnstedt (North Indiana)
Kara Johansen Crawford (Illinois Great Rivers)
James Ehrman (East Ohio)
The Rev. Faith Fowler (Detroit)
The Rev. Tracy Smith Malone (Northern Illinois)
The Rev. Chris Pierson (Northern Illinois)
Robbie Salmonson (Dakotas)
The Rev. Deanna Stickley-Miner (West Ohio)

North East Jurisdiction
The Rev. Sung Hoon Ahn (Greater New Jersey)
Zachary Allen (West Virginia)
Frederick Brewington (New York)
Donna Burkhart (Western Pennsylvania)
Verna Colliver (Eastern Pennsylvania)
Boe Harris (Penninsula-Delaware)
The Rev. Deborah O’Connor-Slater (North Central New York)
Kurt Karandy (North Central New York)
The Rev. Sinnathamby Thevanesan (Western New York)

South Central Jurisdiction
Margie Briggs (Missouri)
Charles Cole (New Mexico)
Joe Connelly (Louisiana)
Oliver Green (Kansas East)
Richard Hearne (North Texas)
Katlin Karges (Nebraska)
The Rev. Chebon Kernell (Oklahoma Indiana Missionary)
Sarah Kreutziger (Louisiana)
The Rev. Michael McKee (Central Texas)
Minnie Romo (Rio Grande)
The Rev. Namiqa Shipman (Northwest Texas)

Southeastern Jurisdiction
Raul Alegria (Tennessee)
Pshon Barrett (Mississippi)
The Rev. Tamara Brown (Kentucky)
John Denmark (Florida)
The Rev. Ernest Etheredge (South Carolina)
Emily Farnell (North Carolina)
Gary Fuller (North Georgia)
Steve Furr (Alabama-West Florida)
The Rev. James Howell (Western North Carolina)
Dorothy Ivey (Virginia)
The Rev. A. Clark Jenkins (South Carolina)
The Rev. Jonathan Jonas (Holston)
Mark Daryl Parris (North Alabama)
Liz Patterson (South Carolina)
The Rev. Clarenda Phillips (Kentucky)
Meghan Roth (Virginia)
Ali Santiago (North Carolina)
The Rev. Charles Savage (North Georgia)

Western Jursidiction
Adrienne Fong (California-Nevada)
Amory Peck (Pacific Northwest)
The Rev. Molly Vetter (California-Pacific)

Central Conference
Thorsten Goebel (Germany)
Rudolph Merab (Liberia)
Kabwita Kayombo (Zambia)
Bimbi Ollberg (Sweden)
María Teresa Santiago (Puerto Rico)
Ester de los Santos-Dalisay (Philippines)
Mary Grace Galapon-Dismas (Philippines)