Apartheid in Palestine: Black Perspective on the Israeli Occupation

September 19, 2008

Rev. Kelvin Sauls, a South African immigrant and Gerald Lenoir, Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, will give an account of their recent trips to Palestine and Israel on Sunday, September 28, 4-6 p.m. at the Everett & Jones Barbeque Restaurant, 126 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607.  A representative of the Arab Resource Organizing Committee has also been invited to give his perspective on the 60 year old occupation of Palestine.

This event is sponsored by the Black Alliance for Just Immigration & Priority African Network and endorsed by War Times. 

Food is provided and donations are greatly appreciated.

For more information call Gerald Lenoir at (510) 849-9940 or email bajimail@yahoo.com. Download flyer here.