It's Time for a Great Stewardship Resource!

September 11, 2008

Has your local church received your copy of this year's Giving magazine? As you plan for year-round stewardship education in 2009, now is an excellent time to get its ideas for growing joyful, generous stewardship.

Resources in this year's Giving include everything from clergy and money to seeing the offering as an act of worship; from the power of personal stewardship stories to the stewardship of being a godparent. Not to mention outstanding program resources! And don't forget the actual leadership manual for an annual stewardship campaign, "Blessed Be the Lord God," and its Scripture-based feature story – just in time to experience Advent in a whole new way this year.
So where is your issue of Giving? In most of the districts, District Superintendents will hand out your copy at your All-Church Conference. The Conference staff, Foundation staff, and members of the Conference Board of Discipleship also are giving out copies as they travel to churches. And more are available! Contact either Angela at the California-Nevada United Methodist Foundation (916-374-1577) or Betsy Schwarzentraub, Director of Stewardship (916-374-1515), to get an issue sent directly to you.