Bishop Warner Brown Comes "Home” to Cal-Nevada

July 20, 2008

Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. is returning “home” to the California-Nevada Annual Conference.

“Cal-Nevada Conference is a conference that has been my home of choice for a lot of years, and I was honored when they showed their confidence in me and started me on this journey to the Episcopacy. I am delighted to have the opportunity to return home and serve again.”

Bishop Brown came to Cal-Nevada in 1979, transferring here from the Western Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church. He was appointed Superintendent of the Golden Gate District four years later. Four years after that he returned to the pastorate, serving in Oakland, at Taylor Memorial UMC, and at First UMC of Bakersfield.
Two years into his pastorate at Bakersfield he was nominated and endorsed by the conference as an Episcopal candidate and was elected on the 19th ballot at the Western Jurisdiction Conference in Casper, Wyoming and appointed to the Yellowstone/Rocky Mountain Annual Conferences.
“I am leaving two wonderful conferences that have welcomed me and worked with me. In the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain conferences there is a great deal of diversity and many issues that have some similarity to what Cal-Nevada will be dealing with,” Bishop Brown told Instant Connection when the initial celebration subsided, following the July 19 announcement of his re-assignment, at the Western Jurisdiction Conference meeting in Portland, Oregon.
He added, laughing, “… [but] I will enjoy only having two states to work with, instead of four, five!”
The Denver Area of Yellowstone/Rocky Mountain is the largest United Methodist Episcopal area in the U.S., from a geographic standpoint.
Bishop Brown will take office in Cal-Nevada September 1 following the retirement of Bishop Beverly J. Shamana, who also is going home – retiring to her home in Southern California. He says he will take some time to evaluate the needs of the conference and the issues confronting it.
“I’ve been away for eight years, and away from conference-level leadership [in Cal-Nevada] for longer than that, so I will need to take some time to get re-acquainted with the people and the issues, to become aware of the needs, directions, and visions that have already been identified by the conference – so that I can discover how I can be in partnership to move in the directions that we need to move,” he said.
Bishop Brown will be accompanied on his journey homeward by his wife, Minnie Jones Brown (at his right side, in photo above). The couple has three children, Catina Marie Harvin, Warner Brown III, and Calvin Brown.