Ballot 11 Results

July 18, 2008

July 18, 2008 4:03 p.m. / Portland OR – The results of Ballot 11 were given at 3:53 p.m. and were disappointing: 80 ballots cast; none invalid; 54 needed to elect; no election. Here are the numbers: 
Grant Hagiya 45
Janet Forbes 34
Elaine Stanovsky 28
Youngsook Kang 17
Renae Extrum-Fernandez 14
Frank Wulf 9
A motion was made that the candidates be given an opportunity to address the full conference for three minutes on a subject of their choice (in alphabetical order), in what was termed “a random act of leadership.” During any speech the candidates not speaking would be required to wait outside. The hand vote was inconclusive and the tellers were required to count. The motion did not prevail.
A subsequent motion that another ballot be taken and be followed by a recess to allow delegations to meet was approved. return in 30 minutes.
Bishop Tuell led in prayer in preparation for the casting of Ballot 12.

At 4:01 p.m. balloting commenced; it was declared closed at 4:02.

Delegations are now meeting and will return in 30 minutes.