Fasting For Peace

July 18, 2008

On behalf of the Monterey Bay Church Extension Society, Rev. Robin Mathews-Johnson from Watsonville First UMC invites you to join member Frank Gomez, pastor of the East Salinas Family Center and their member churches in praying (and fasting if you are able) for peace next week.  As reported in the Monterey Herald Newspaper on July 16th, Pastor Frank joins Salinas Mayor Dennis Donohue and the Community Safety Alliance and others in encouraging Salinas residents to fast to fight street violence in their city. 

 As Pastor Frank states: "The value of fasting is that it is a chance to empty ourselves and reflect on how we contribute to the culture of the city." 
Police Cmdr. Trevor Iida, the Alliance's Community Safety Director, described the initiative as a holistic approach to preventing violence.  The Alliance works with programs such as the California Youth Outreach and the Salinas Youth Corp to offer youngsters an alternative to joining gangs. 
Rev. Mathews-Johnson notes that this upsurge in violence is felt not only in Salinas, but in many other places, as we face these challenging and difficult economic times.
They ask for your help as follows:
  • Please pray for Frank and the leaders and residents of Salinas as they fast next week.
  • Please pray for peace in all our towns and cities.
  • Please ask your church this Sunday to pray for the effort.
  • If you are able, please join in a time of prayer and fasting to support this effort.