First Episcopal Ballot Being Counted in Portland

July 17, 2008

The first Episcopal election ballot has being cast at Western Jurisdiction Conference in Portland, Oregon. The ballots have not yet been counted.

Candidates are:

from California-Nevada: Thomas E. "Ted" Virts, Renae Extrum-Fernandez, Benoni Silva-Netto, and Siosifa Hingano; from California-Pacific: Grant Hagiya, Frank Wulf, and Bao Dang; from Rocky Mountain Conference: Janet Forbes, Youngsook Charlene Kang, and Carolyn Waters; from Pacific Northwest: Elaine Stanovsky, Stephen Schroeder; from Oregon-Idaho: Donna Pritchard and Robert Flaherty; from Desert Southwest: Sharon Ragland; and Tweedy Sombrero, nominated today (Thursday, June 17). 

Delgates were instructed that they might vote for two candidates on this ballot.