Episcopal Candidates

July 11, 2008

The Candidates for Episcopal Office, to be voted on at Western Jurisdictional Conference in Portland, Oregon July 16-19 are:

From the California-Nevada Annual Conference – Thomas E. (Ted) Virts and Renae Extrum-Fernandez; from Cal-Pac – Grant Hagiya; from Desert Southwest – Sharon Ragland; from Oregon-Idaho – Donna Pritchard and Robert Flaherty; from Pacific Northwest – Elaine Stanovsky and Stephen Schroeder; and from Rocky Mountain – Janet Forbes.
In addition, four other people have expressed interest in being considered as candidates:
From Cal-Nevada – Siosifa Hingano; from Rocky Mountain – Youngsook Charlene Kang; from Pacific Northwest – David Parker; and from Rocky Mountain – Carolyn Waters.
Link to Western Jurisdiction Conference 2008: News, under “What’s New” on the Home Page of the CA-NV Conference website at cnumc.org, for ballot-by-ballot election results.